Human-centric AI for optimal, efficient, transparent decision-making.

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Causal AI

Standard AI learns patterns to simply model correlations and repeat previous practice. Using the mathematics of causal inference, our proprietary AI derives the mechanisms underlying your data to produce cause-effect insights.

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Data Fusion

Data in challenging domains such as healthcare is often noisy, sparse, and from mixed sources and different modalities. Our advanced data engineering and infrastructure handles these challenges seamlessly, transparently, and securely.

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Decisions Intelligence

Following previous practice or gut feeling is suboptimal. Our solutions provide data-driven, cause-and-effect reasoning to compare potential futures and choose the optimal course of action: If I take this action today, what will be the outcome tomorrow?


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Orel Hashmatia
Chief Executive Officer

International business leader,
MBA London Business School

Team member 02
Alexander Lavin
Chief Technology Officer

Expert in human-centric AI systems, founded Latent Sciences (acquired), AI Advisor @ NASA

Team member 03
Shimon Sheiba
VP Data Science

Causal inference in healthcare specialist (Intel and Technion)


Team member 04
Jonathan Lipnik
Co-founder, Nutrino
Team member 05
Uri Shalit, PhD
Professor, Technion Institute
Team member 01
Irit Ben-Aharon MD, PhD
Head of Oncology, Rambam Healthcare

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